Dental braces are very helpful treatment to get a healthy and perfect set of teeth and great smile. They align the irregular jaw and give it a proper shape by resolving crooked teeth or improper bites. Braces is a structure that is brackets fixed on teeth and an arch wire pass through them that helps in tightening the teeth to move to a desired position. If you want to get this treatment then you can go to any dental clinic in Abu Dhabi for expert consultation.

Choosing best type of braces: Braces variation depends on few factors which are esthetics, cost and allergic issues.

  • Most commonly used braces are the one which are made up of stainless steel wire. The brackets are made up of metal too and elastic ties help them to grab the wire.
  • Another type is self-ligating braces which do not need elastic ties to hold the wire but the wire passes from brackets themselves. In this kind of braces the time of treatment is reduced and there is also some pain reduction during process.
  • Plastic clear braces are another alternative to metal braces. White ties and clear elastic makes the braces less visible to others. These are very common these days.
  • Patients who have allergy of nickel in stainless steel can either get gold plated braces or titanium braces.
  • Invisible braces also known as lingual braces are attached on the back side of teeth and make them invisible to other people.
  • Invisalign braces are a new type in which transparent aligners are used to adjust your teeth. For these braces in Abu Dhabi, a dentist will scan your teeth shape and create a model for invisible braces on computer. Then they get this structure in real shape to fix them in your teeth.

Use of retainers: Retainers are used as post treatment therapy to ensure that your teeth are always in same shape. They are made up of plain wires and after removal of braces they are necessary to keep your teeth in their new position. Experts advise you to wear braces for as long as you can until your jaw is used to its new position of teeth. There are different kinds of retainers as well, you can consult your doctor and tell them your preferences.  Some pain and discomfort is always expected in braces treatment.


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Tuesday, Oct 26, 2021