A rise in social injustice, continued violence on the streets, and random terrorist attacks, are all jeopardizing our personal safety and making it ever more necessary to glean protection. The wide spread violence prevalent across the globe is alarmingly contributing to a wide array of safety issues, which are not only affecting the famous and rich, but also heads of state, politicians, diplomats, and executives.

This is why the armored car industry is cresting the waves of popularity over the world, and is witnessing a deluge of concerned buyers who are taking their personal safety in their own hands. Plethoras of armoring companies are converting luxury vehicles to provide maximum security to allow for easy escape in events of a threat. Car manufacturers have also started developing tailor-made armored cars for elite customers, such as Mercedes armored cars and BMW vehicles designed to endure three categories of risks – attacks involving explosive devices, organized crimes committed with an automated AK-47, and street crimes. Such security vehicles are famous for providing the utmost protection in the face of threat and danger.

Land Rover came up with its Range Rover Sentinel, which is certified to VR8 standard against ballistic threats, and incorporates optical-quality windows fabricated from multi-laminated armor privacy glass, with only a narrow opening in the driver’s window to allow for passage of documents. It also contains a steel-plated armored passenger cell, and has the ability to withstand armor-piercing and high-velocity DM51 grenades, TNT explosions, and 7.62 mm incendiary rounds, going off both on the roof and beneath the floor. Similarly, Mercedes’ heavily-armored Maybach S600 Pullman Guard touts a VR10-level for protection.

Bomb Blankets

Bomb blankets are designed to diminish the impact of shrapnel associated with hand grenades and pipe bombs, and absorb the impact from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). This burgeoning technology offers “bomb suppression”, lightweight blanket that absorbs the impact of blasts.

Smoke Screen

A plethora of new options make it efficient to create and install a smoke screen on the vehicle with the help of a smoke generator. A volatile material is made to evaporate by exposing it to heat generated by the machine, and then cool external air is mixed in with the vapor at a controlled rate, to allow it to condense to a mist. Read more to learn the inner functioning of the machine.

Electric Shock Handles

A power inverter feeds the electric door handle system by converting the 12-volt battery voltage into a 120-volt current. A shielded toggle switch is installed on the car to operate the system, which adds to the safety of the vehicle.

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Tuesday, Oct 26, 2021