Birthdays are an event which kids are looking forward to since the day their birthdays passed. From extravagant parties to cool gifts birthdays are all about countdowns – even if they are starting the counting from 364 days. So instead of sitting at home and thinking about what to do, here are some super fun kids birthday party Dubai ideas to instantly get you on your way to preparation.

Breakfast in bed

Leave your rule book and manners aside for a day and compromise them. Give your child a blasting start with breakfast in bed. Make sure that you turn that breakfast into a fun little surprise tray as instead of ordinary omelette and peanut butter and jam sandwiches, make it a chocolate spread and something completely different like a bag of huge lays and doritos which you would normally not allow your kids to have before a healthy breakfast.

Craftings can be fun

Try preparing ahead of time for the birthday as it will give you plenty of time. Craft some cute little fun mini birthday cards for your kid which they will remember forever. Kids love crafting and gifting them to you then why don’t we do that for them? Hide a card in under plate before every meal and when they stand up to take their plates to the kitchen, they’ll be ecstatic to see a cute card.

Let the Nostalgia hit

Relive the beautiful times when your precious little baby was born. Get your DVD player and play all the old videos that you captured of them and share their funny stories and habits which they had in the past. Look at the old photo albums and reminisce the days of past. Be happy and live in the past.

Email it

This can sound very strange but the moment your child steps into this world, make an email account on their name and keep mailing the photos and videos of every special occasion or a funny thing they did. Hand them the password and username when they come of age and they will be shocked to see the mails from over the years. This can be an electric basket full of memories. You can also keep writing mails about what you want them to be when they grow up, your hopes and dreams and your feelings.

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Saturday, Sep 18, 2021