Dubai is considered for the people who love to shop. In order to have an amazing and stress free shopping experience it is vital or anyone to be prepared. There are hundreds of malls and shops all across Dubai. With so many places to go, it becomes quite overwhelming and very intimidating to be absolutely honest. Dubai has everything from high end things like beautiful gold jewelry to a little daily routine stuff (custom made) and even kitchen utensils in Dubai.

Here are some tips and tricks you should know in order to easily get all the things you need and get them all at budget friendly prices.

The best time to shop in Dubai

Shopping even for things like cat food in Dubai can be done at about any time of the day. To have the best shopping experience, it’s best to shop very early in the morning or the evening. Many shops open up as early as ten in the morning that is the time when the shops are empty and you can easily shop with the uninterrupted help of the shopkeeper. The atmosphere in the evening is a bit cooler, so that’s a great time to shop as well.

Major shopping events and festivals

Dubai is the hub of festivals, especially food and shopping festivals. Dubai hosts so many events in order to attract a large number of tourists, and the plan seems to be working fine. The Dubai shopping festival has been going on since two decades and runs mostly in the start of the year. These events pushes the people out of their comfort zones and reveals to them things they would never have considered buying in the normal routine. Many hip concerts are also part of the festivals and there are many raffle tickets just waiting to be won. The festival lasts for about a month and focuses mainly on entertainment and family fun. These events offer insane discounts and bargains on various items, so they shouldn’t be missed. Many promotions are offered in regards to goods such as computer items, toys, clothes, electronics and household goods.


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Tuesday, Oct 26, 2021