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Various micro needling equipment are introduced in the field of dermatology. The Aquagold Fine Touch instrument is one of the most common. This skin system is dermatologically certified and scientifically validated and uses 24k plated gold surgical needles to give the skin personalized neurotoxins, botox, fillers, acids and collagen activators. Leading clinics for skin treatment and deep cleansing facial in Dubai provide best affordable consultancy and services.

The Aquagold Fine Touch can be described clearly as a means of handling cosmetic portions carefully. The Aquagold Fine Contact is essentially a micro electrostatic computer. It is more precise and polished, though. There have no side effects, including redness, crying or inflammation, associated with a microneedle.

The Aquagold Fine Touch treatment is expected to replace conventional Micro needling for those searching for cosmetic anti-aging options shortly. The micro needling unit Aquagold Fine Touch that can also be used for supplying fillers is effective.

This skin solution is typically done on the neck and the ears, but also on the hands and the stomach. A recurrent issue with micro needling processes is that they yield a frozen result, but with the minimum-invasive and targeted serum dispensing, it is not achieved with an Aquagold Fine Touch system. It is also noted that after therapy the skin can more easily absorb creams and lotions.

The result of the micro-injection Aquagold Fine Contact depends on the material that has been injected (mixing fillers, pigment reducers, etc.). Botox and other wrinkles are on average 3 to 4 months long. The greater portions, such as dermal fillers, remain after one year.

Dermatologists space sessions between four and six weeks if more than one session is required. While certain changes are immediate, after 48 to 72 hours you can see changes. This is how it takes years to reverse the whole effects of regenerative collagen cells.

The appealency of Aquagold Fine Touch therapy is primarily exacerbated by the fact that it is safe for those who are over 50, who are at the end of their 20’s. This is a strategic prevention for the aged and even a cure for those with wrinkling, pigmentation and fine lines.

In other words, this is a proactive technique. It is equally appropriate for men and women. Only women who are either pregnant or breastfeeding are unable to take this therapy forward. Get in touch with the best clinic in Dubai for affordable skin treatment packages and best eyelash extension in Dubai.

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