Most of us do not know what orthodontic spacers are and what they are meant for unless a person actually has to put it in their teeth. Orthodontic spacers are actually the initial stages of getting braces inserted in order to level up the teeth. It is for the people who do not have any additional space or separation within in their teeth. Hence, these metal or rubber spacers are fixed between the teeth at a dental clinic near Arabian Ranches first to create some place for the braces metal wires or aligners. These spacers are usually circular rubber bands that are 1 centimeter in diameter and there may be 1-12 spacers applied varying from patients to patients.

Spacers are placed to put some space between teeth. This means that they put pressure on teeth to push them far away. As it exerts pressure on teeth it may cause bleeding and swelling of gums. Although the procedure is at times rather painful, dentists these days use different tools and advise patients to eat ice cream and have cold drinks in the next few days to relieve the pain. Although these precautions do not have long lasting effects, they reduce pain at least on a temporary basis. Sometimes dentists also use pain killers if needed to relieve pain These are basic painkillers that anyone can use for basic things like a headache. Patients are also advised not to eat any sticky food like gum or sticky candy bars, chocolates because this may cause these spacers to fall out prematurely. However, spacers at times fall out themselves and this usually happens when they have already created enough space between the teeth.

You may feel like you look a bit funny for the first few days after getting orthodontic spacers put in. At times, you will find food substances stuck between your teeth. However, there isn’t a thing for you to worry about as you will get used to these things in a while. After having orthodontic spacers in place for a while, your chosen dentist will advise you to get braces installed. You could check here for more information in this regard.

Now that you have acquired such immense knowledge about orthodontic spacers, it is now possible for you to fully understand the procedure that you will be going through in order to get your teeth in your desired shape. Discuss all of this with your dentist on your appointment!


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Tuesday, Oct 26, 2021