Traditional couponing is such a hit among customers. Like other incentive programs, coupons is a great way to convince customers to buy your product. Nowadays, this program is taking over digital sphere.

And if you are a marketer thinking of boosting your marketing strategy, here are some reasons why including mobile couponing would be the great decision:


  • Cost-effective campaign

One of the advantages of SMS couponing is that it cost less than other digital media assets you can use for your campaign. This is the reason why a lot of marketers are very eager to use this and include them on their marketing and advertising strategy. You also need to look at the number of mobile subscriber it can reach. It you do the math, most bulk SMS service provider in UAE charge per. This cost is significantly lower if you factor readability and result.


  • Easy to launch and monitor

SMS couponing is quite easy to formulate and launch, but it can be tricky as well. Since there is limitation in terms of space, marketers need to be smart about this. For starters, your marketing team need to craft a simple but convincing mechanics that will pique the interest of the target audience. Being concise is also important as the attention span of readers today are short.

In terms of monitoring, companies that offer services like sms marketing solution have ways to monitor the efficiency of the campaign based on the number of subscribers contacted and the number responses from the users. The result will be purely based on the numbers so there will be no mistake when gauging the efficacy of the campaign.


  • Can be part of your incentive program

SMS couponing can be used not just for a one-time, big time campaign. In fact you can use as your incentive program for loyal customers. If you have a solid database of your loyal patrons, it is time to reward them back by providing coupons as an incentive. Not only it will make these customers feel important, you can also use this to increase sales coming from old customers. It can also be a way to convince former customers to try the brand once again.


  • Helps drive traffic and onsite visits to brick-and-mortar stores

Mobile couponing is usually used today to ensure onsite visits to retail stores. Most retailers who are trying to boost sales of their branches create ways to drive customers to the store. Giving discounts onsite is one thing, but for customers who don’t usually visit the mall, there is no way for them to know if there is a sale happening. Mobile couponing is a great way to inform them and encourage them to buy.

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Saturday, Sep 18, 2021