If there is one word that describes Dubai perfectly, it’s megapolis. The city of breathtaking skyscrapers and long highways is a megapolis, to say the least. As of 2017, Dubai has a population of 2,788,929 and it seems like, with 1,287.4 km2 area, traffic should not be a problem. Yet, it is. The roads of Dubai are crowded with cars. Even though the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) tries to spare the roads from traffic, it is not happening anytime soon. If you are about to get your driver’s license in Dubai or rent a car during your vacation, then you will find out more about the traffic in Dubai in this article.

What time of the day should you expect the most traffic?

Just like any other city, Dubai has good and bad times in terms of traffic jams. 6-8 A.M. is one of the worst times because everyone is rushing to work, thus creating traffic and endless honking. And of course, these people are not going to stay at work, they have to come back home and create traffic on their way. You should expect another rush hour between 5-7 P.M. The good news is that there were a couple of roads and bridges opened recently, so hopefully, very soon driving in the city will be much easier.

Avoiding traffic jams in Dubai

Unfortunately, there are no cars that can transform into airplanes and get you out of those annoying lines of cars. So, you have to leave for work or wherever it is that you are going but you can check the traffic beforehand, through special apps and websites. It is not so likely that you will find completely traffic-free roads but you can compare highways and pick the one with less traffic. Alternatives road are the always the ultimate solution. You can also take the metro if it is nearby your destination and current location. Metros are great when it comes to traffic, the worst part is that Dubai Metro has just 2 lines and limited stops.


I don’t think there is anyone in the world, who enjoys traffic, especially in big cities. In Dubai, walking is not an option because of heat. Therefore, you either need to take other roads with less traffic, take the metro or put off your ride if it isn’t urgent.

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Monday, Mar 8, 2021